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所有男性都有乳房组织,但并不是所有男性都能检测到. 对于一些, 乳头后面总是有一个小肿块, 对其他人来说, 有几个甚至更多.  再多的运动或节食也不会让它消失, this is when we can step in to help — with tiny scars and minimal downtime.  不管你听过它叫什么 gynecomastia手术, 男性缩胸手术,“gyno”切除 我们提供一个谨慎的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网来处理这个问题. 它不会再回来了.



Man-boobs, “moobs,” puffy nipples: 男子女性型乳房 is the medical term for enlarged male breasts. 它特指腺体组织肿大, but it may also involve excessive fat in the chest area and/or redundant skin. 表象的范围很广, from pointy nipples to highly-feminized breasts that hang down toward the belly button – most men tend to be somewhere in between.



男性乳房发育症可以发生在任何年龄,可能是由遗传引起的, 激素的变化, 肥胖和某些药物的使用,包括合成代谢类固醇, 西咪替丁, 螺内酯和大麻.

这种情况并不罕见——你并不孤单. 一些研究表明,在美国50%的男性人口.S. 是否受到男性乳房发育症的影响. This condition can make a person feel extremely self-conscious and cause them to avoid public spaces. 它还可能影响亲密关系和整体幸福感.



  • 01


    Mild extra glandular tissue and fat; no extra skin – often in the form of “puffy nipples”

  • 02


    Moderate extra glandular tissue and fat; no extra skin – full shape, but no sagging

  • 03


    Moderate extra glandular tissue and fat; mild to moderate extra skin – full shape and mild sagging

  • 04


    Severe extra glandular tissue and fat; severe extra skin – female shape and hanging very low


如果你在寻求奉承, 胸部更加轮廓分明, 那么男性乳房发育手术可能是合适的. 它通常是为18岁以上的患者保留的, who have had enlarged breasts or puffy nipples for at least two years without improvement. 的潜在好处 男性女乳症澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网 必须大于每个个案的潜在风险吗, 澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台必须对有一个薄薄的疤痕感到舒服.

潜在的患者应该停止使用诱发男性乳房发育症的药物, certain that other hormonal imbalances and endocrine diagnoses have been ruled out first. Non-smokers in relatively good health with realistic expectations tend to do best.

一切都从虚拟咨询开始. Once we agree that you’re a good candidate, you’ll have the opportunity to see Dr. Donaldson正在咨询. 这是讨论你的担忧、目标和期望的时候.

You can prepare for your consult in advance by writing out questions you may have about the procedure, 还有药物清单, 过敏, 以及之前的手术或澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网. Dr. Donaldson will take time to consider what might have caused your condition and what risks you may incur. 他会检查你的胸部, 进行测量, 评估尺寸和形状, 注意皮肤质量, 乳头位置和乳晕直径. Confidential photos will be taken for pre-operative 计划ning and before/after comparisons. Sometimes, a primary care or endocrinology referral is made for additional testing.

一旦这些步骤完成,Dr. 唐纳森会检查你的手术和麻醉方案. His team will share example photographs and help set proper expectations for recovery and results.

  • What will I need to do in order to ensure I get the best possible end result?
  • 你将如何处理这个过程?
  • 你会使用特定的手术技术吗?
  • 我将在哪里做手术?
  • 你认为我大概需要多长时间才能恢复?
  • 该手术的风险和并发症是什么?
  • 手术后我的日常活动需要帮助吗?
  • 常见的并发症有哪些?如何处理?
  • 如果我对结果不满意,我有什么选择.?
  • May I see a few relevant before-and-after photos from patients you have operated?
  • 我能期待什么样的结果呢?
  • 我应该为手术做些什么准备?
  • 之后我需要服用什么处方药吗?
  • 手术后需要敷料/绷带吗? 我要用多长时间?
  • 有需要拆线的地方吗?
  • 我需要多长时间避免剧烈活动和运动?
  • 我需要多久回来做一次随访?

男性乳房发育手术通常是相当安全的, 但也有可能存在风险, 和其他医疗澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网一样. 你的基本健康和身体状况可能会影响这些风险. 最终, an analysis of risks versus benefits will inform each patient’s unique decision about whether to pursue surgery.

Here is a partial list of risks a gynecomastia surgery patient may encounter:

  • 出血/血肿
  • 感染
  • 著名的疤痕
  • 血肿(积液)
  • 乳头感觉的变化
  • 乳头反演
  • 皮肤起皱或凹陷
  • 不完整的结果
  • 不对称
  • 对包括骨、肌肉或神经在内的底层组织的损伤
  • 慢性疼痛
  • 深静脉血栓形成或血凝块

Dr. Donaldson will explain these risks and go into further detail if certain risks seem more likely than others in your particular case.

男子女性型乳房 surgery contours the chest and reduces the male breast size. 该技术取决于严重程度. 一级,博士. Donaldson often prefers making a small incision under local anesthesia and directly removing the glandular tissue from behind the nipple without the patient needing to be asleep.


对于II级和III级,Dr. 唐纳森通常使用VASER的组合, 抽脂和直接切除腺组织并留下短疤痕, 全身麻醉下微创入路. VASER applies ultrasound waves to the breast tissue to help emulsify the fat and break up fibrous attachments. 抽脂需要一个1 / 4英寸的切口, hollow tube (cannula) is attached to a vacuum and used to extract the fat. 如果顽固的, 坚固的腺体组织仍需切除, then a ½- or 1-inch incision is made at the lower border of the darker areolar skin. 三级 skin will often shrink down over time to match the flattened chest contour.


IV级男性乳房发育需要更有侵入性的方法. VASER和吸脂术仍可首先使用, but longer incisions are ultimately required to remove a large amount of glandular tissue, 脂肪和皮肤. 切口常环绕乳晕边界成一个完整的圆圈, sometimes also form a vertical line down the chest and/or a horizontal line across the entire lower chest. 较长的疤痕可以紧致皮肤,消除褶皱, 皱纹或下垂的皮肤,否则会留下.


在男性缩胸手术之后, 切口用可溶解缝合线缝合, 最后一层手术级胶水提供了一个无菌屏障. Light dressings are supported with an elastic bandage or customized compression garment. Temporary fluid drains are usually not necessary except in grade 4 conditions. 医生会给你开一些药来减轻疼痛,防止感染, 顺势疗法有助于减少瘀伤和肿胀.

Our staff will walk you through the steps of caring for the surgical site and minimizing scars as part of your 男性乳房畸形手术恢复 计划. Follow-up visits within a week, a month and several months later will help ensure optimal healing. 你会得到伤口护理的详细说明, will be well-apprised of warning signs and what to watch for as you make progress at home. Most patients take anywhere from three days to a week away from work and other responsibilities. 4 ~ 6周内应避免剧烈运动.

安排你的咨询时间 & 找回自信

Our board-certied surgeons specialize in gynecomastia surgery to help you feel more comfortable with your shirt on or off. 我们邀请您在 614-442-7610 与一位值得信赖的团队成员讨论男性乳房发育症手术.